Holistic system of traditional medicine 


We offer various programs for 3-day, 7 days, 11 days, 14 days, 21 days and 49 days


Products with pharmacological effect in terms of Ayurveda. Herbs, minerals, multicomponent massage oils, incense.


Pulse diagnosis, Agni karma, Rakta Moksha, Yoga


Various massage techniques:
Abhyanga relaxing full-body oil massage, ayurvedic lymphatic drainage with powdered dry herbs or herbal pastes- Udvartana. Ayurvedic massages of the back, head, feet, palms ...
Techniques of total relaxation of the mind of Shiro Tailam Dhara, Shiro Kshira Dhara, Shiro Takra Dhara ...
Toning massages, restoring, relaxing Potli / Kizhi with bags - procedures with dry herbs, herbs with medicated oils, rice water in medicinal herbs ....
Improving memory and eliminating neurological problems procedure- Nasya, Basti- various medical procedures for eyes,, backbone and joints ...
Steam bath with steam from a decoction of medicinal herbs of the whole body and local ...
Cosmetic Ayurvedic and classic procedures....


Panchakarma not only removes pathogenic toxins, but also rejuvenates tissues. That’s why it’s known as an anti-aging treatment. Nowadays more and more people fall victim to the negative effects of stress and anxiety that lead to diseases such as improper digestion, sleep disorders, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, cancer, osteoporosis ... These diseases are mainly caused by deep-seated metabolic toxins. Panchakarma removes these metabolic toxins from the body, promoting the rejuvenation of tissue and channels. Panchakarma is good not only for disease-ameliorating function, but also is the useful form of treatment, leading to the preservation and development of perfect health.


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